Efficient Manufacturing In Injection Moulding Of Plastics

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Our production is laid out for the production of plastic parts from 0.05 g (almost micro injection moulding) up to approximately 500 g. The production spectrum reaches from technically very small plastic components with the highest requirements to accuracy to finished consumer products.

The injection moulding machinery park of HECHT + DIEPER is based on ARBURG injection machines with a clamp force of 250kN – 2500kN and provide the flexibility for large and small series production. With the ARBURG 2K injection moulding technology with clamp forces ranging up to 2500kN HECHT + DIEPER can combine different materials simultaneously to one product (Two or multiple component injection moulding).


Our objective is highest efficiency in manufacturing.

With a fully automated production for feeding inserts, the collection and pallet storage of finished parts HECHT + DIEPER warrants a cost-efficient production meeting high quality demands.

Delivery is made in Germany and Europe using our in-house haulage company and international freight forwarding companies.


Machinery Park

  • ARBURG: 250 – 2500kN
  • ARBURG 2K: 250 – 2500 kN
  • Babyplast: Micro Injection Moulding

Processed Thermoplastics

  • Construction Thermoplastics
  • High-Tech Compounds
  • Bio-Thermoplastics


  • Plastic parts from almost micro injection moulding < 0.5 g to 500 g
  • Multiple component - or 2-compound injection moulding
  • Mould around: Metal-plastic composites
  • Construction group assembly

From idea to production - One-stop

A prerequisite for short development phases and high product quality

The benefits of collaboration with HECHT + DIEPER

HECHT + DIEPER is your expert in injection moulding of plastics



During development, our customers benefit from our many years of expert knowledge in the area of ​​construction, our own tool design, as well as our competence in production.



Together - as specialists, we know that only the joint development of components is the best prerequisite for the optimal functionality of your product.



Since more than over 40 years we have been developing and producing technically challenging components of the highest precision for various industries.



In order to be able to deliver quickly, we believe in long standing and reliable cooperation with local logistics partners.



Regular optimization in development, toolmaking and production is a continuous process for us and thus the foundation for high efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Everything is local. We develop and produce plastic components - from the idea to production - one-stop. Our service enables short communication channels.


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