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News | 27.01.14

Plastic injection moulding tools from China: German quality tool making, at reasonable prices from the Far East

Cost saving tool production of Hecht + Dieper tool solutions through our tested and certified German partner in China according to our quality standards.... more »

News | 30.09.2013

Fully automatic feeding of plastic bonded magnets opens up economic advantages in plastic injection molding

With a fully automated process Hecht + Dieper inserts magnetic components into the injection mold. Customers profit from technical and economic advantages through higher production speed and less downtime.... more »

News | 20.03.13

Hot melt molding: Molding of pressure-sensitive components

Hecht + Dieper realized a tight encapsulation of an antenna inductor in a plastic backing plate by using the hot melt adhesive Macromelt. Hot melt molding based on polyamide offers a cheap alternative to traditional polyurethane or epoxy potting comp... more »

News | 18.11.11

Utilising the conductivity of plastics

It is less known that plastics can have insulating and conductive characteristics. The thermal or electric conductivity can be utilised to prevent static charge or to eliminate heat.... more »

News | 18.08.11

Bio-Compounds: High-quality surfaces and a clean environmental performance

Materials won in parts from renewable resources mirror the usage and processing characteristics of oil-based materials, however often achieve better surface properties.... more »

News | 01.08.07

Hecht + Dieper expand capacity

Development department has been further enlarged ti meet the increased demand for high quality tool design... more »

News | 10.05.07

Hecht + Dieper invest in improved Quality Assurance

New video-based testing method put into operation for visual and haptic parts control.... more »

News | 06.09.06

Refining of plastic injection moulded parts

Hecht + Dieper introduces 2-colour-print to meet higher demands for parts design ... more »

News | 09.03.06

Tool Making: Incresed Capacity and higher Quality

More complex forms, increased capacity and shortened production cycles by introducing graphite technology in the tool production process ... more »

News | 31.10.05

Hecht + Dieper introduces EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management

Hecht + Dieper has had its quality management system for the development and production of plastic injections moulding, tool development and tool engineering certified... more »

News | 06.09.05

Construction: Hecht + Dieper Enlarges Capacity and Shortens Cycle Times

Due to the continuously high demand and the increased customer requirement for shorter development times, Hecht + Dieper extend their tool-construction-capacity by 30%.... more »


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