Tool Making: Incresed Capacity and higher Quality

Tool engineering: More complex forms and shorter manufacturing times by using new eroding procedure with graphite technology
By the use of graphite electrodes, HECHT + DIEPER managed to shorten the manufacturing times considerably in tool engineering. The electrodes are used for the production of the final tool moulds of alloyed steel, into which the contours are eroded using spark erosion.
Using a high speed milling process, the electrodes made of graphite can be produced considerably faster than the conventional electrodes made of copper. Additionally the new procedure has a positive effect on the cycle times, because eroding using graphite electrodes is faster than the processing with the conventional copper technology.

HECHT + DIEPER customers, however, not only profit from shorter development and production times using the innovative new procedure provides finer contours and much more complex structures. The copper technology is not able to produce such fine structures unless the process is extended into several time-consuming steps.