Plastic injection moulding tools from China: German quality tool making, at reasonable prices from the Far East

In order to offer you now and in future convenient and reasonable tooling solutions for several market segments resp. lower output quantities, we are now able to offer tools developed by the HECHT + DIEPER GmbH in Lindlar but being manufactured by our audited and certified German partner in China according to our quality standards. In addition, you can obtain to first class tools manufactured by ourselves in our Headquarters in Lindlar/Germany.

The tools produced in China are tested and put to the acid test in Germany completely. We carry out the sampling and material tests and check all functions. Thus, the forms can then go directly into the series production. Should problems occur, we are able to respond quickly in-house by our own tool construction department.

Your benefit generated through our contacts

  • Design and development of the tools in Germany
  • Reasonable production under control and in compliance with German quality standards
  • Reliable and fast delivery times
  • Sampling of each tool according to close-to-production conditions in Germany.
  • Potential optimization take place as teamwork between design office and tool making department
  • Your technical contact person is located in Germany, meaning you buy your tool at a German company and on German terms
  • Make sure you get our location advantage and get the best quality at reasonable prices.

We look forward to your inquiries.