Fully automatic feeding of plastic bonded magnets opens up economic advantages in plastic injection molding

HECHT + DIEPER has realized together with a partner company fully automatic insertion of four already magnetized magnets in a mold. The magnets are supplied in the correct position in magazines and placed in a buffer station. The system automatically removes the cap and leads to removal of the magnets. The insertion of the magnets into the tool and pick up of the finished article assumes a linear robot.
The automated extraction of the finished parts is again using a magnet. This ensures that any products without molded magnet do not enter the shipping container.

The fully automated process bears both technical and economic advantages. The continuous and uninterrupted supply of injection molding machines reduces downtime and eliminates errors when loading.

In addition, the tool life is extended because the magnets are fed very well and very smoothly. Customers benefit from reduced cycle time and effective utilization of the injection molding machine. Waste is also avoided by reusing the magazines.