Multiple component - or assembly injection moulding

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HECHT + DIEPER is a tech­nologically leading com­pany in the injection moul­ding of plastics tech­nology. It has many years of engineering experience and by using the latest tech­nologies reaching from development, mould con­struction, to tool pro­duction and manufacture HECHT + DIEPER is able to manufacture innovative plastic products of the highest precision.

The development and production of plastic parts – reaching from conceptualisation to production takes place under one roof: A prerequisite for short development phases and high product quality.


2-component or multi-component injection molding is a special process in injection molding technology.

The special feature is that two plastic melts are injected simultaneously or successively into a mold. This process is available in a large number of variants, each of which is tailored to the desired results (products).

The process variants we use result in certain technical possibilities and associated advantages:


Multiple functions in one component

In injection molding, different plastics are often combined to form a solid unit in order to combine various functions in one component. The advantage lies in the reduction in the number of components and simpler assembly. In addition, injection molding assembly can avoid costly processes for subsequent machining such as welding, bonding or vulcanization.


  • Bearing, anti-burglary device and gap cover for front doors in one component.
  • Differential pressure adjustment and multiple sealing functions in a single component for sanitary or fluid engineering applications

Two-color design and viewing window

Two plastics of different colors can be joined together to form a multicolored, solid unit. This makes it possible to achieve multicolored component surfaces, lettering in contrasting colors, logos, additional design elements or windows without subsequent operations such as printing or hot stamping.


Different surface properties

By combining two plastics, firmly bonded components with different surface properties can be produced. In this way, a special feel and impression of the components can be created. Assembly in one injection molding process saves additional haptic elements and further operations such as gluing or assembly.


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Battery technology Casings with two-component injection moulding
Fluid technology Separator housing for pressure controls

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Since more than over 40 years we have been developing and producing technically challenging components of the highest precision for various industries.



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