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HECHT + DIEPER is a tech­nologically leading com­pany in the injection moul­ding of plastics tech­nology. It has many years of engineering experience and by using the latest tech­nologies reaching from development, mould con­struction, to tool pro­duction and manufacture HECHT + DIEPER is able to manufacture innovative plastic products of the highest precision.

The development and production of plastic parts – reaching from conceptualisation to production takes place under one roof: A prerequisite for short development phases and high product quality.


Innovative designs are often based on the physical properties of materials.

Construction materials at HECHT + DIEPER.

Due to their physical specifications, new, high-performance thermoplastics are the basis for products with previously unknown characteristics or with properties that were previously attributed more to metal. In metal substitution, they are increasingly displacing parts made of zinc die casting or aluminum due to their strength and stiffness at lower weight.

Low warpage, high dimensional stability, temperature resistance at high continuous service temperatures with simultaneous high mechanical stress are arguments for the use of plastics in the manufacture of technical components, for example in vehicle construction.

Designation Abbreviation Features
Polyamid 6 PA6 good strength, high impact strength, good damping and sliding behavior
Polyamid 6.6 PA6.6 high strength, high heat resistance, high wear resistance
Polyamid 6T PA6T best chemical resistance, high temperature stability, with good solder resistance, high flowability, excellent dimensional stability, low water absorption
Polybutylenterephthalat PBT high chemical resistance, fast crystallization, good heat resistance, high electrical resistance, high dielectric strength, good durability, as well as good creep resistance, dimensional stability and low water absorption
Polyethylenterephthalat PET high chemical resistance, fast crystallization, good heat resistance, high electrical resistance, high dielectric strength, good durability, as well as good creep resistance, dimensional stability and low water absorption
Acrylnitrilbutadienstyrol ABS high stiffness, high impact strength, good binding performance, good insulating properties
Polycarbonat PC good chemical resistance, high impact resistance, high permeability, high heat resistance, 100% protection against UV radiation
Polyphenylenoxid PPO high temperature resistance, high dimensional stability, very high stiffness, good dimensional stability and high hydrolytic stability
Polyoxymethylen POM High strength, high stiffness, good chemical resistance, high durability, good electrical insulation capability, good hydrolysis resistance, as well as good creep resistance, dimensional stability and low water absorption.

High-tech-compounds at HECHT + DIEPER.

In addition, many high-tech compounds are resistant to many chemicals, mineral oils and fuels.

Sliding properties are specifically improved by adding carbon fibers. Additives can be used to influence thermal and electrical conductivity in order to prevent static charging or to dissipate heat.

Thermochromic effects can be achieved with the aid of special additives: Plastics change color by changing temperature and can thus be used as indicators of certain conditions. Bio-thermoplastics are increasingly being used in plastic injection molding. The materials obtained from renewable raw materials are similar to petroleum-based compounds in terms of their use and processing properties and help to improve the eco-balance.

Designation Abbreviation Features
Polyamid 12 PA12 very good machinability, high abrasion resistance, high impact strength, dimensional stability, very good sliding properties, good temperature diversity, low moisture absorption
Polyamid 4.6 PA4.6 high abrasion resistance, high fatigue strength, high temperature resistance, high crystallization temperature and high fracture strength
Polyethersulfone PES good chemical resistance, high consistency, good electrical insulation capability, very good hydrolytic and sterilization resistance, good creep resistance and optical clarity
Polyphenylenesulfide PPS good chemical resistance, high strength, high consistency, good creep resistance, high temperature resistance, good electrical insulating ability and fatigue resistance
Polysulfone PSU good chemical resistance to inorganic substances, high impact strength, high hydrolytic stability, high resistance to autoclaving, very good electrical insulation properties, high dimensional stability
Polyetheretherketone PEEK high chemical resistance, high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, high abrasion resistance, good insulation ability and low water absorption

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