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Multiple component - or assembly injection moulding

The two-component - or multiple component - injection moulding is a special procedure in injection moulding technology. The specific characteristics are that either simultaneously or in sequence two molten plastics are injected into one mould. This procedure is available in several variants that are tailored towards the desired result (product). Due to the different procedures that we apply we achieve certain technical possibilities and related benefits: 

More functions in one component

Often injection moulding combines different plastics in one fixed unit to unite different functions in one component. The benefit is the reduction of the component number and an easier assembly. Furthermore the injection moulding components can help you avoid elaborate procedures for subsequent processing like adhesive bonding, welding or vulcanising.


  • Fitting, burglary protection and gap covering for house doors in one component
  • Differential pressure adjustment and multiple gasketing in one component for sanitary or fluid technology

Two-tone design and vision panel

Two differently coloured plastic can be combined to form one multicoloured, fixed unit. This way you can achieve multicoloured component surfaces, contrasting coloured imprints, logos, additional design elements or viewing panels without subsequent processing like printing and/or hot embossing. 

Different surface properties

The combination of two plastics to one fixed unit for the creation of different surface properties improves the handling and the appearance of components and saves the use of additional haptic elements and further processing like bonding or assembly.

Electronics industry

Casings with two-component injection moulding


Accumulator casings in two-component injection moulding with different surface properties to achieve optimal haptics.


Separator housing for pressure controls

Technical components can be assembled in one injection moulding procedure with functional compounds or transparent units (with clear or structured surface).

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