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Integrated product development

Design and layout of new products have to satisfy the high specifications collated from its use in practice. The smooth interaction between plastic parts and other product components, load capacity and function require know-how in development and manufacturing.


We will provide close cooperation with your development team to achieve the optimal layout of your product and its plastic components regarding functionality, quality and budget. Only the initial creative dialogue and the knowledge of correlations will open our perception of the new and will combine the knowledge of the participants.

Feasibility studies

Our technical and commercial feasibility studies follow the technical parameters of the final product. They are the objective with regard towards constructive solutions and the materials to be used. Considering the indicated tolerances we will determine the processing and refinement. The derived costs from development, tool design and production will be entered into the business plan that we will ascertain during pretesting using simulation and prototyping.

Cadmould: Pre-Testing of plastic components

Short development cycles require short development phases without quality loss. Using 3D mould-fill and warpage simulation we can clarify the manufacturing of your product and recognise optimisation potentials. This provides us with security during the tool design for the injection moulding of plastics and will avoid any corrections to be made on the finished plastic injection moulded tool.

Rapid Prototyping

Within three to five working days we will provide a prototype on the basis of CAD data that will be very close to the final manufactured plastic component. The prototype will enable us to gain important know-how for the tool construction and production – in particular during the development of new component types. Rapid prototyping will provide you with additional security regarding the shape and function of your component: The prototype will enable you to test the interaction with other product components and the component assembly. Our prototypes are subject to strict quality criteria.


Jointly towards innovation

Make use of our engineers’ tailored, individual advice and our 3D data for construction, mould-fill and warpage simulation including rapid prototyping for the development of innovative products.

New materials

High-Tech thermoplastics with special physical properties or Bio-Thermoplastics provide innovation potential.
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3D simulation with Cadmould

Efficient and safe product development with software aided mould-fill and warpage simulation.

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