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Metal-plastic composites

We injection mould around metal parts or sensoric components, like for example magnets with thermoplastic plastics in semi or fully automatic production cells.

The constructive metal-plastic composites allow construction benefits and savings during assembly: Component groups that normally can only be assembled in several single assembly procedures, can due to moulding around one or more single metal components with different properties and functions be manufactured in a single step.

Injection moulding around a part provides high design liberties and a higher robustness in changing temperatures or shocks in contrast to component groups made of several single parts.

Injection moulding around metal parts provides an enhanced process security in contrast to assembly processes like bonding or welding in particular with sensoric components.

Construction and furniture fittings

Plastic adjusting screw with metal hexagon socket screw

Electronic technology

Sensor unit: magnet, brass ring and plastic connectors

Injection moulding of plastics enables you to combine several metal components to constructive units in a single processing step.

Money Machines

Durability sensor and coil body


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