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HECHT + DIEPER is a tech­nologically leading com­pany in the injection moul­ding of plastics tech­nology. It has many years of engineering experience and by using the latest tech­nologies reaching from development, mould con­struction, to tool pro­duction and manufacture HECHT + DIEPER is able to manufacture innovative plastic products of the highest precision.

The development and production of plastic parts – reaching from conceptualisation to production takes place under one roof: A prerequisite for short development phases and high product quality.


Smooth interaction between development and production.

The design and layout of new products must meet the stringent requirements arising from their use in practice.

The smooth interaction of plastic components with other product components, resilience and functionality require know-how in development and production.


1. Consulting

We offer close cooperation with your developers to achieve the optimal design of your product and its plastic components in terms of functionality, quality and budget.

Only the creative dialog and the knowledge of the interdependency of effects open the view for new things and unlock the knowledge of the involved parties.


2. Feasibility studies

Our technical and economic feasibility studies are based on the technical parameters of the final product. They are the specification regarding the constructive solutions and the materials to be used. Taking into account the indicated tolerances, we determine processing and finishing.

The derived costs from development, tooling and production are included in the economic plan, which we validate in pretesting by simulation and prototyping.


3. Cadmould: Pre-testing of plastic components

Short development cycles require short development phases without compromising quality. With 3D filling and warpage simulation, we can clarify the manufacturability of your article and identify optimization potential.

This gives us confidence in the mold design for plastic injection molding and avoids rework on the finished plastic injection mold.


4. Rapid prototyping

Within three to five working days, we provide you with a prototype based on CAD data that is very similar to the plastic component produced in series. The prototype provides us with important insights for tool design and production - especially when developing new types of components. With the help of rapid prototyping, you gain additional certainty with regard to the form and functionality of your component: The prototype can be used to test the interaction with other product components and the assembly of components.

Our prototypes are subject to strict quality criteria.

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Development of innovative products with components made of plastic


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The benefits of collaboration with HECHT + DIEPER

HECHT + DIEPER is your expert in injection moulding of plastics.



During development, our customers benefit from our many years of expert knowledge, in the area of design, our own toolmaking, as well as our competence in production.



Together - as specialists, we know that only the joint development of components is the best prerequisite for the optimal functionality of your product.



Since more than over 40 years we have been developing and producing technically challenging components of the highest precision for various industries.



In order to be able to deliver quickly, we believe in long standing and reliable cooperation with local logistics partners.



Regular optimization in development, toolmaking and production is a continuous process for us and thus the foundation for high efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Everything is local. We develop and produce plastic components - from the idea to production - one-stop. Our service enables short communication channels.