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HECHT + DIEPER is a tech­nologically leading com­pany in the injection moul­ding of plastics tech­nology. It has many years of engineering experience and by using the latest tech­nologies reaching from development, mould con­struction, to tool pro­duction and manufacture HECHT + DIEPER is able to manufacture innovative plastic products of the highest precision.

The development and production of plastic parts – reaching from conceptualisation to production takes place under one roof: A prerequisite for short development phases and high product quality.


2-component injection moulding is a special process in injection moulding techn­ology.

2K injection moulding (two-component injection moulding) is a manu­facturing process that enables the simultan­eous injection of two materials (multi-components) in a single process. This process is mainly used in the plastics processing industry.

In 2K injection moulding, two different plastics are injected simultan­eously into one mould. The main advantage of this process is the ability to produce parts from different materials and/or colours in a single operation. This saves time and costs and increases production efficiency.


Flexible in use

The applications of 2K injection moulding are diverse and range from the production of complex parts for the automotive industry to medical devices. These processes can also be used to produce products with improved mechanical properties, longer service life and enhanced aesthetics.


Advantages in material and design

The combination of different materials in 2K injection moulding enables innovative designs and improved properties. For example, depending on the plastic selected, a soft component can offer an improved grip or a hard component can contribute to increasing the structural integrity of the product.


Advantages of 2K injection moulding


Although the 2K injection moulding process is complex and technically demanding, it offers many advantages, including high product quality, product consis­tency and produc­tivity. In addition, it enables high design flexibility and can be used to manufa­cture products with complex shapes and structures.

  • process enables the production of multi-component parts in a single production cycle, saving time and costs.
  • The use of multiple materials in one mould enables the production of complex parts without additional assembly.
  • By using these processes, product safety and functi­onality can be improved as different materials with different properties can be used.
  • It offers the possibility to improve product aesthetics and haptics by using different colours and textures in a single produ­ction process.

Areas of appli­cation for 2K injection moulding

The 2K injection moulding process has a wide range of appli­cations. They are used to manu­facture complex components in the automotive industry, as well as in medical and medical techn­ology for the production of various devices. The areas of application at a glance:

  • Use in the automotive supply industry for the production of automotive parts
  • Appli­cation in medical techn­ology for the manu­facture of medical devices
  • For the production of electronic components in the electronics industry
  • Use in the toy industry for the production of toy parts
  • Used in the production of household goods
  • Used in the cosmetics industry for the production of cosmetics packaging
  • For the production of comp­onents in the aero­space industry
  • Used in the sporting goods industry for the production of sports equipment
  • Further appli­cation examples can be found in our references.

Tool­making in 2K injection moulding

When building a mould for 2K injection moulding, it is important to consider the design, functi­onality and the plastic selected for the products to be produced. The moulds must be manu­factured and adjusted with particular precision to ensure the quality of the end products. The choice of material is also crucial as it affects the durability and perfor­mance of the product.

The develop­ment and construction of moulds for 2K injection moulding requires a high level of technical expertise and experience. The moulds must be designed to meet the specific require­ments of the part to be produced.


Testing and quality assurance in 2K injection moulding

In the aerospace industry, the focus is on optimising performance and efficiency.

Testing and quality assurance in 2K injection moulding is an important part of the production process. The aim here is to ensure that the parts produced meet the specified quality standards.

This process begins with the design of the parts and continues throughout the entire production phase. Various inspection methods are used to ensure the quality of the products. These include visual inspections and measurements.

Visual inspections are carried out to detect obvious visual defects such as cracks, deformations or colour deviations. Measurements are carried out to ensure that the parts correspond to the specified dimensions.

In addition to these inspection methods, the machines and tools used in 2K injection moulding also play an important role in quality assurance. Both the injection moulding machine and the injection moulding tools must be regularly maintained and checked to ensure that they function properly and produce high-quality parts

The advan­tages of working with HECHT + DIEPER in 2K injection moulding


Injection moulding excellence

HECHT + DIEPER is a company with decades of experience and expertise in 2K injection moulding. This know-how enables us to deliver high-quality products and services that fulfill the high demands of our customers. Working closely with our customers, we are happy to assist with the design and layout of the 2K components to ensure that the end product meets the specific needs and require­ments.


Customer focus

HECHT + DIEPER attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our products and services meet the specific needs and require­ments of our customers. In addition, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and are always willing to provide additional support to ensure the satis­faction of our customers.



HECHT + DIEPER is known for its innov­ations. We continually invest in new machines and equipment to ensure that we remain at the forefront of techno­logical advance­ments in our industry. This leads to advanced and efficient solutions that can give our customers a competitive advantage.



HECHT + DIEPER is represented in numerous industries. Our 2K injection moulded parts are widely used in a variety of industries, including com­pressed air, plumbing, con­struc­tion, electronics and packaging. They offer a range of benefits such as improved product perfor­mance, cost efficiency and increased product life.

HECHT + DIEPER is the specialist in plastic injection moulding and precision injection moulding.


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